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Aesthetic of Suddenness & Moments: An Installation of Objects of the Past

Installation, 2022

Ramona Hüfler, Helena Palmer, Chace Ho, Lena Mehner, Özgür Yılmaz

University Library of TU Berlin und UdKBerlin

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12 Rote Stühle 

Environmental Concert Series, 2022

Udo Koloska – Clarinet & Saxophone and Electronics

Özgür Yılmaz – Double Bass and Electronics 


Radio As a Compositional Tool

Radio as composable medium

composition for radio and digital media soundscape 

Cashmere Radio, 2022

Özgür Yılmaz – Composition & Performance


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Three distant environments

Three Landscapes, Three Soundscapes


An Electro-Acoustic Composition and A Short Movie

Scotland, Turkey, Canary Islands, 2021



The Square

Multimedia Performance

Istanbul, 2018

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