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Uninterrupted Views

Three distant environments: Three Landscapes, Three Soundscapes

An Electro-Acoustic Composition and A Short Movie 

2021, Berlin 

Embarking upon an audacious exploration, we delicately untangle the intricate dynamics inherent within three disparate, yet profoundly animated, geographical terrains, each imbued with its unique sonic aura and visual majesty. This artistic endeavour strives to transmute captured footage from these locales into an ethereal canvas of chromatic evolution in linear temporality, wherein the audio recordings extracted from genuine sonic situations are the primary constituents for the Musique concrète.

These diverse geographies offer unique soundscapes and landscapes, ultimately manifesting in a sublime abstraction proposed by the project itself. The videos, serving as veritable windows into the soul of each landscape, were captured in the rugged Highlands of Scotland [Location I], the bustling cultural mosaic of Istanbul, Turkey [Location II], and the tranquil, azure beauty of the Canary Islands, Spain [Location III].

These captured visuals undergo a rigorous analysis within their unique colour spectrums and RGB values, evolving into a repository for generating coloristic palates instrumental in crafting kinetic, abstract images. Concurrently, the field recordings procured from each location are examined meticulously for amplitude and frequency density, furnishing the principal materials necessary for the overarching musical composition.

The outcome is a triumphant amalgamation of the triad locations, seamlessly merging into a singular, multisensory digital artifact. This engenders a novel means of traversing and experiencing the inherent sonic and visual textures of these diverse environments through a unifying digital conduit: a robust Electro-Acoustic Composition and an evocative Short Film.